What Do We Do?

  • Cleaning

    NFPA 1851 requires that the firefighter turnout gear have an advanced cleaning once a year at a minimum.

    Cleaning is a critical first step in the maintenance program.  Clean gear performs better, lasts longer and is all around safer.

  • Inspection

    NFPA 1851 also requires that firefighter turnout gear have an advanced inspection once a year. This includes a thorough inspection of all three layers and a hydro-static test on the moisture barrier.

  • Repairs

    NFPA 1851 has very specific requirements that must be followed to repair turnout gear and return it to service  properly, Shamrock Gear Restoration has been repairing gear according to NFPA 1851 since 2003.

  • Products

    In Addition, we also sell a wide variety of gear and accessories to make firefighting  easier and safer for the next call.  Many of our products are made right in our facility and can be shipped directly to your door or to your fire department. If you have any questions about our products or services, please give us a call at (330) 313-1220.

Products for you

Fire Fighter Apron

Fire Fighter Apron

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Rescue Wipes

Rescue Wipes

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Why Shamrock?

We are firefighters serving fellow firefighters. We understand your job and the importance of turnout gear and PPE in good condition. For the past 15 years, it has been our mission to return your turnout gear in the absolute best condition with quality repairs and fastest turnaround possible. You can be confident it will perform when you need it to.  We are a verified ISP,  following the NFPA 1851 industry standard for gear cleaning, inspection and repairs.  If you are looking for firefighter turnout gear cleaning, inspection and repairs including: patches, pocket repairs, velcro repairs, trim and lettering or gear alterations on new or old gear we have you covered! Call us today or hit the button below!



What does Verified ISP mean?

ISP means "Independent Service Provider", which means we are verified compliant to NFPA 1851 standard by an independent agency.

What is the NFPA 1851?

"NFPA 1851 is the Standard on Selection, Care, and Maintenance of Protective Ensembles for Structural Fire Fighting and Proximity Fire Fighting."

"This standard establishes requirements for the selection, care, and maintenance of fire fighting protective ensembles to reduce health and safety risks associated with improper maintenance, contamination, or damage." - NFPA.org

Why is it important to have my equipment checked frequently?

Gear needs to be cleaned in order to maintain its protection properties, clean gear will last longer, protect better and keep products of combustion and carcinogens off the wearer. The gear is checked to maintain integrity, and the three layers of the gear need to be inspected yearly to make sure they are intact and functioning as designed.

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